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End Poverty through Education

Help single parents earn a degree, reach self-sustainability, and prepare their children for success.

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What does 25 dollars mean?

For me, 25 dollars meant food for three weeks. In college and grad school, my food budget was $40 a month, even while working 3-4 jobs to stay afloat. College is hard, and nearly impossible for single parents.

25 dollars, for our families, means nutritious breakfast to prepare curious young minds for a week of learning.

It means hygiene products to make sure the home is healthy, safe, and dignified.

25 dollars means supplies for a child to explore her interest in art, architecture, or astronomy.

25 dollars means access to internet so the family can research, complete assignments, and stay active.

25 dollars can be the difference between keeping the lights on or losing power; between fresh produce or junk food; between affording the textbook or failing the class. How far will your gift go?

Michele Owen, Executive Director